The purpose of the design was to create easy to navigate app that would be used during motorcycle accidents or stressful situations on the road. The design is easy and minimalistic.
The concept of the mobile app is to provide the best service to motorcycle riders during their trips, and the possibility of getting new clients for automotive services. Road is allowing riders to get the best help after accidents or unexpected situations.
Project created for personal use.​​​​​​​
Year: 2022
Role: UX/UI Designer
Type: Mobile Application
State: Concept
Tools: Figma + Adobe Illustrator
“Each Service point repairs a different kind of motorcycle brand and makes a different kind of offer. It’s good to have a possibility to filter information properly to find a service which is able to help.”​​​​​​​
“Good communication with a service is crucial. The possibility of sending a picture or video of a valid part of a motorcycle would be helpful to estimate what is wrong.”​​​​​​​
- Peter, Motorcycle Rider
User personas
In Road app, there are two kinds of user personas: motorcycle riders and owners of automotive services. First, some want to feel safe during road trips, while others want to be more visible online to potential customers who need their help. The main goal is fast and clear communication between each other.
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